Outpost 28

This chick (the one writing this here blog post ;) ) is surfing on one happy wave at the moment. I have been given the opportunity to participate in an upcoming magazine called Outpost 28 as the resident poet :)

From the site: ” OUTPOST 28  is a quarterly pulp magazine that features tales of the supernatural, macabre, horrific, and fantastic as well as some of the best illustrators in the world! “

I will have 3-5 poems featured in each issue. I have also been given the honor of having my work illustrated to.

The accomplished artists I will  be keeping the company of include:

Dean Kuhta of Twisted Oak Press
"Stage I - Departure" by Dean Kuhta

Andy Fairhurst
Great White by Andy Fairhurst

Benjamin Jungbluth
‘Oh dear! Oh dear! I shall be late!’ by Benjamin Jungbluth

David Bonneywell
 Sluggi by David Bonneywell

Michael Brack
Oracle by Michael Brack

Daniela Uhlig
Varvara by Daniela Uhlig

Along with writers:

Belinda Miller, Jake Bauer, Kevin Buntin and more

Pretty spiffy huh? ;)

I am very excited :D This is a brand new situation for me. Wish me luck and pre-order one by clicking on the picture cover if you’re feeling benevolent!

Outpost 28

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