A little birdie told me

  1. Nathanial Kieler10-22-2013

    So much pretty in those eyes.

  2. Rachael Alexandra10-22-2013

    Thanks +James Haney , I have my quirky moments, that's for sure lol

  3. James Haney10-22-2013

    Captures that quirky charm I've come to know. Hope you are well!

  4. Rachael Alexandra10-22-2013

    Thank you +Evan Swanepoel , +J. Rae Chip, +Peter Day & +Mark Rodriguez :)

    It's more suitable than the one before lol I think I looked, hmm. Maybe a little nicer /sweeter than I am lol I was bored of it as we'll and wanted to get something out of my bird set. I'll change it again soon and hopefully redo my birdy picture. My hair is to my shoulders now , so it's not as current as I'd like it to be :p

  5. Mark Rodriguez10-22-2013

    Wonderful shot

  6. J. Rae Chip10-22-2013

    I like it :)

  7. Evan Swanepoel10-22-2013

    Love it :) :) :)

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