A swarm of rainbow diffusion..

  1. Rachael Alexandra11-13-2013

    I was wondering what the heck a humo was lol One of each :D

  2. Steve Passlow11-13-2013

    +Rachael Alexandra Edit: humo > hump That's what you get when trying to be quick witted at 7 in the morning after 2 hours sleep :P

  3. Steve Passlow11-13-2013

    1 hump or 2?

  4. Rachael Alexandra11-13-2013

    +Steve Passlow  You could ship me some of those camels you have down there, that would be a start :) Camels in the northeast would be quite a treat lol

  5. Steve Passlow11-13-2013

    Yeah, well you got me! What should I do next master?

  6. Rachael Alexandra11-13-2013

    Thank you +Pamela Reynoso  & +RAVI KUMAR  , +Steve Passlow  perhaps it's a latent talent coming through :)

  7. RAVI KUMAR11-13-2013


  8. Steve Passlow11-13-2013

    Are you a hypnotist?

  9. Pamela Reynoso11-13-2013


  10. Rachael Alexandra11-13-2013

    Thank you +Douglas Blight  ! :)

  11. Douglas Blight11-13-2013

    That is beautiful Rachael!

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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno