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An Artistic Endeavor


Generating fractals can be an artistic endeavor, a mathematical pursuit, or just a soothing diversion. However, FA is clearly distinguished from other digital activities by what it is, and by what it is not.” –

  1. Ian Meredith10-04-2012

    Have you heard of William Latham and 'Organic Art'? Google for images / wiki I think you'll like his 3d fractal creatures/plants things. Originally a project with IBM he later made a program for Windows that allows you to create them, and and a screen saver which I think does too. It is still downloadable at

  2. Rachael Alexandra10-04-2012

    +Ian Meredith Fractal art has changed since it's inception, but I do have a few examples of the classic mandlebrot fractal zoomed in which I find just as lovely.  I just don't happen to have then on this computer.

    At any rate I didn't name 'em, just use the programs ^^ Now to find your other comment (s) , notifications aren't really what they ought to be :)

  3. Ian Meredith09-26-2012

    Nice. don't look like fractals tho'. Mathematical yes but not infinitely scalable in self repeating detail. Perhaps fractal art is not what it once was in mandlebrot days?

  4. Rachael Alexandra09-23-2012

    Thank you +Celeste Odono  , that's very sweet of you but it's more practice than talent :P

    +miriam dunn  lol Thanks , they can be huge p.i.t.a's to learn to any usable degree, depending on which one of course :)

    +Chris Mallory  Thank you, I tried to add a little variety :D

    +Chris Bagley Thank you & you're welcome :D It's hard for me to explain them without pasting huge amounts from there and wiki, so I just included the link. Oh and don't be silly, I suspect you have have all three in spades. All of what I use is free, google Apophysis 7x & Incendia and have a go at it :D

  5. Chris Bagley09-23-2012

    Thanks for the link +Rachael Alexandra, I often wondered what fractal art was. I see it and your image is wonderful but I've never understood the process.
    " Fractal Art is requiring of input, effort and intelligence "
    Well, I've got the first two kinda covered. Two out of three ain't bad :)

  6. Chris Mallory09-23-2012

    Really dig these Rach :D Love how each one has its own unique style… impressive collection :)

  7. miriam dunn09-23-2012

    I downloaded a program to make fractal art and was quite miserable at it! Great site! 

  8. Celeste Odono09-23-2012

    These are beautiful, Rachael. Some serious talent you have.

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