An eensy weensy little bee on a thistle– pretty and cute too :) He was happy as a clam too !

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  1. +Dan Peterson  I do that on occasion lol

    Thank you +Don Spenner & +Deryk Robosson  !

    +Chris Mallory  You should find a happy clam and ask him lol

    +Nicolette Whealy  Thanks , I am also ( quite irrationally ) terrified of the buggers but this one was so tiny and focused on the delicious flower that he paid me no mind, luckily lol I have luckily always outrun them and haven't been stung, but they seem to be attracted to me and I don;t like it at all. I also might have never gotten stung but I ended up with 7 stitches on my foot due to trying to get away from one. My sister said bee and I jumped off of a temporary pool ladder and got myself gooood lol

  2. Makes sense :) It's the same deal with my sister, she's been stung a lot for seemingly no reason and without even spending much time around bees, while I spend a lot of time near bees but have never been stung. Guess they just like some people more than others :P

  3. ^^; well having a phobia of them and being stung 3 times without doing anything to them (they seem to find places between folds of clothes that brush them) I tend to stay far away xD bumblebees I don't mind as much anymore, but the dog days bees I loathe.

  4. +Nicolette Whealy They actually do, in a way :) This bee for example is a "sweat bee," named because it's attracted to the salt in human sweat – so fear not (and sweat not) when they're near and you'll be okay (easier said than done I know) :)

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