At latitude 44n , a rare and spectacular show was put on last night!


  1. Rachael Alexandra09-18-2014

    Thank you +Russell Bateman  it sure was!

    +Elizabeth Lund  Thank you :D

    +Ian Meredith  Thanks :) It's not too bad if the elements are working with you. The factors include speed of the solar wind, strength of the disturbance, if it's even at night where you live lol, light pollution, cloud cover, moon light and on. It really has to be pretty intense to see it where I'm located.

    +Karin Nelson  I have seen you posting about that. I think it was a combo of things. I've looked at the map and the event wasn't centered in your area. However in one of your pictures I swear I saw a hint of green in there !

    +Scott Doughty  :D

    +Dr.Zarina Aliya Mansoor  Thank you !

    +James Haney  It did and was glorious !

    +Magdalena Krasimirova  I bet, the washing effect of the moon, plus pale lights makes it a very difficult scenario to capture. I'm sure it was beautiful though.

    +Puteri Aurora  I've seen it more green than anything else, some of the red and purples weren't as visible to the naked eye. It was like glints and hints of those colors but the green was most prominent. 

    +Ian Meredith  XD

  2. Laintal Sibornal09-15-2014

    I was interested on how I get the Meta data to show on my photos? Is it a setting in G+?

  3. Rachael Alexandra09-15-2014

    Comments to get back to still, I will, if it's the last thing I do ! Eventually ;)

  4. Rachael Alexandra09-15-2014

    +Laintal Sibornal  That is just the meta data for the file. There is a way to hide it which I have done accidental or sometimes I'll keep something for years and the meta data gets lost somehow. Usually I keep it up though, in case someone finds it useful ^^

  5. Rachael Alexandra09-15-2014

    Thank you +Magdalena Steplewski , I use soft serve and a couple apps for android , one is called " Aurora Notifier " and the other is " Aurora Buddy " 

    +Marilyn Maya-Alyse  44 north is my latitude, I live in northeastern New York :)

  6. Magdalena Krasimirova09-14-2014

    marilyn maya-alyse, here are two web sites, showing Aurora details: and the second one is pretty good

  7. Laintal Sibornal09-14-2014

    How did you attach the photo details to your images? +Rachael Alexandra Is it from the file data or do you manual add it in as a comment, Myself I just add a comment with each pic with the details I have made a note of

  8. Ian Meredith09-14-2014

    Soccer result – Cosmos Wanderers:1 Photoshop/CGI United:0 

    Airline pilots occasionally experience  their aircraft wrapped in St. Elmo's fire… a kind of localised borealis…. I am soooo envious of that experience.

  9. Puteri Aurora09-14-2014

    Wow…. it's colourful…
    All the while I thought it only emits green lights…

  10. Magdalena Krasimirova09-14-2014

    Amazing. At 62n there were only white dancing lights, difficult to photograph, moon was too bright as well. Thank you.

  11. James Haney09-14-2014

    When the Sky Dances!
    Cosmic-Level work, +Rachael Alexandra !

  12. Dr.Zarina Aliya Mansoor09-14-2014

    Very beautiful picture

  13. marilyn maya-alyse09-13-2014

    Where is latitude 44n? Also, do you know of a website that announces Aurora locations, dates & times?

  14. Scott Doughty09-13-2014

    Awesome. Show.

  15. Ian Meredith09-13-2014

    I once looked out the window to amazing Northern Lights…as far south as London, England….but my mum confiscated my felt tip pens and I never saw them again :-/.

  16. Rachael Alexandra09-13-2014

    I usually mistakenly unplus and replus all the time, sorry about that >.<

  17. Rachael Alexandra09-13-2014

    Much gratitude ladies & gentleman ! I have so many pictures I'd love to have the time to edit show you all and I have sooooooo many comments to get back to. I just want you all to know I do read them all (when g+ tells me I have them anyway) and appreciate your time , thoughts and plusses more than I have words for <3

  18. Karin Nelson09-13-2014

    Lucky!!! You saw them. None for us. :(

  19. Ian Meredith09-13-2014

    Wow! Always dreamed of seeing the lights! Very envious. Nice image…must be hard to shoot

  20. Craig Bak09-13-2014

    Cool, I was hoping to see pics of the effects from the blast from the sun on the 10th!

  21. Elizabeth Lund09-13-2014

    Awesome capture +Rachael Alexandra :)

  22. Russell Bateman09-13-2014


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