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Come lay bones on the alabaster stones

And be my everlovin baby”

O Brother Where Art Thou – The Sirens – Go to Sleep Little Baby

  1. BJ Bolender06-03-2013

    This is quite good!  Do it again, looks like a fun challenge.

  2. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    Oh well, see— there is this high end super substance that I sold my left foot for ( it's ok —  I look fly when I'm limping ), you can only get it on the black market for a body part or two. 

    HAHA The truth has no glamour ( I know us Americans are supposed to spell it otherwise but it just looks wrong to me lol ) to it whatsoever.
    May I present : . The Ferrero Rocher sampler pack. I use the entire packing in a variety of different ways lol I hoard things to take pictures of :) This lid usually lives under my couch ^^ I broke it out along with a plant mister, stationary and my beloved Ferrero lid and voila! Thank you as well :)

  3. Steve Passlow06-03-2013

    Brilliant abstract +Rachael Alexandra Water on glass, through glass? It's got me wondering. The natural curves against the manufactured straight lines – it's a good look. 

    "Them sireens did this to Pete.
    They loved him up and turned him into a… horny toad"

    I love that movie. My kids grew up on the soundtrack – their grandpa (wife's dad) would play it to them every time they were in the car with him. My daughter was so cute as a little one singing "Keep on the Sunny Side" ;)

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