Fairlyn Manson as christened by +Miss Crimson  hehe



Fairlyn Manson as christened by +Miss Crimson  hehe

I get terribly behind on all the things. This is who I don’t do 360 projects or hunts or anything like that because it really does stress me out. I end up staying up past my bedtime getting it as right as I can, then I feel crappy and cranky all the next day. Well crappy and cranky it is because once I’ve poured all these hours into something I stubbornly refuse to let it go or quit lol So I caught my ass up. I’m not even getting a prize for it. I just want to see if I can do all 30 things..well.

So here we go this was day 4: Hats

  1. Jeff Walters10-10-2014

    "eye delight" works well here… lol I enjoyed the banter between the two of you. Love the soft side light too.

  2. Russell Miller10-08-2014

    and there's what goes through my head… "If I comment on that I'll be no better than the other hundreds of men who just see a pretty face and a pussy", pardon the french.

  3. Rachael Alexandra10-08-2014

    lol love it ! 

    I get the oddball comment here and there but mostly people are very polite which is appreciated. I have a vain streak admittedly, lol, but try to tastefully disperse the self portraits here and there. Tasteful dispersing, that's the ticket ;) What I post here is small percentage. Mostly it's my "time and effort" pictures, Instagram for my other ones. Which still ins't strictly a selfie stream but they do make an appearance a little more frequently.

    I love taking them but am ambivalent about showing them en masse. Mostly because of other ppl's character judgments.  Regardless if the assumption is correct or not, I often times forgo the self expression ( and to a slightly lesser extent ego gratification ) to avoid the narrative I imagine could be going in others heads. Such as " She must think she's hot shit "  " How full of themselves can someone be? " " What a narcissist " All the different articles, comments and opinions I've read about what people really think about people who post tons of selfies play on loop. As much as I'd like to pretend I don't care what others think of me that only goes to a certain point lol I don't want to mischaracterized or thought of in an ill manner. 

    Well, that's overtired rambling. Sorry bout that :) Time for sleep lol

  4. Russell Miller10-08-2014

    lol "You worm, I'll make you taste my rainbow!"

  5. Rachael Alexandra10-08-2014

    You don't even know how thrilled I am by that assessment XD

  6. Russell Miller10-08-2014

    It actually kind of reminds me of a fabulous dominatrix.  haha.

  7. Russell Miller10-08-2014

    Well, I try not to comment on women's appearance, even if they're trolling for it. :)

    But it's not bad looking.

  8. Rachael Alexandra10-08-2014

    No idea Russel. I just figured it must be unflattering or maybe just too odd? lol I will say it took me hours ( from start to finish ). I'm not practiced in having to light myself from the bottom, so it was a challenge.l, since the hat brim was quite prominent and i lost my remote >.<. I maybe only have one other picture bottom lit ( bounced flash ) like this and it has a similar look.

    Only reinforces my idea that hats look terrible on me and should stay off of my head lol I thought it was kinda cute though :p

  9. Russell Miller10-08-2014

    +Rachael Alexandra I'm surprised no one has commented on this post.

    … oops?

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