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Gentle Light


How I am enjoying your perfect curves. Wrapped in gentle light and swelling below, in the darkness,where your soul is found. Where you try hide the things, you just cannot hide from me. For they will be revealed in time, inevitably. Your secrets will come undone, and your true glory will be spilled forth. It is more bountiful than you can ever possibly know. Mesmerized by your fount of growth and captivated in delight, I simply marvel, at your life.

  1. Rachael Alexandra06-07-2012

    +Chris Mallory  I suppose it is turning into a kinda series isn't it ? Unintentional though I'm glad you like it :D

    +Shane Williams  Oh yes , please do a review,I'd love to know how you fare with it ! hehe Everyone on G+ should be tagged,the whole shebang lol ;)

  2. Shane Williams06-05-2012

    Awesome +Rachael Alexandra Very artistically interpreted. Love it. 
    BTW I just got that camera clippy thingy in the mail today, so I'll be James Bonding it in the field now thanks to you. :)
    I'll let you know how it performs. 
    (maybe I should do a lengthy review, and tag all the popular people?) ;)

  3. Chris Mallory06-05-2012

    Another stunner! I really like this floral personification series you've been doing. And this one especially, you have a good eye for finding and composing this.

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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno