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+Levi Moore invited me to a particular challenge involving vegetables and the style of Edward Weston. I will confess I do not know about famous photographers, I do not read their books. I did not know who the man was, I had come across his work on occasion but the only famous photographer I know of is Ansel Adams because I hear his name all of the time lol

Anyway, so I looked the man up and I felt it was right up my alley. I enjoy making ordinary stuff look awesome, that’s why I like taking close ups :D I did some research and ended up seeing that I couldn’t exactly replicate his technique. I would have put the veggie in the closet, stopped that baby down and let it run all night if it wouldn’t amount to a barrel of noise. Which it does after only an hour on f/16. If you know me at all you know I just LOVE /s unproductive noise in my images. It is my nemesis, so a barrel of noise was not going to do.

I ended up putting a coat down on the floor in the kitchen, propping up a light up makeup mirror on a roll of paper towel, using my phone light and some dusk light coming in through the window.

I present to you my first two veggies : The Evocative Leaf Lettuce, and the Mysterious Magnetic Mushroom ( i know it’s technically a fungus, but it was next to the vegetables and I needed them for dinner lol )  !

I am still messing around with my Okra ( what a peculiar veggie ), Squash and maybe something else, maybe garlic if I have luck ^^ My carrots sadly wilted, they had such pretty leafy tops too.

The mushrooms were fabulous by the way:D Marinated in balsamic, olive oil, garlic, garlic, spices and topped with provolone, pesto mayo, roasted red pepper and some Evocative Leaf Lettuce to boot ~ This one was actually not eaten on because it had a crappy bit on top :p

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  1. Wonderful, +Rachael Alexandra! I did the Weston veggie challenge, too, but used a white background instead of a black. You can see my images here:

    And, +Levi Moore, I was wrong about Weston doing some with a white background. An Asian photographer by the name of Wan Yu did an homage to Weston using a white background. You can find him here:

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