Luxurious Sunset 

I don’t usually do panoramic pictures but I put this one together for the hell of it. I used Microsoft ICE and crossed my fingers lol. I could have edited it further and maybe I will at some point but for now, here she be :)
  1. James Haney10-22-2013

    +Rachael Alexandra , it's a bit late, I know, but I hope you had a Happy Birthday!

  2. Rachael Alexandra10-22-2013

    Thank you +Martin Matejic  :)

    +Marc Jansen  It took a little wrangling but I got it to work. It was fairly easy to even an absolute beginner.

    +Hamish Carpenter  Thank you !

    +Keith Morgan It was, it's nice when nature gives you some goodies to capture ^^

    I'm glad you like it +Holger Gräbner 

    Thanks +James Haney , I get to see it every time I head into town and appreciate it each time. Not all the sunsets are quite this lovely though :p

  3. James Haney10-17-2013

    Lovely Vista!

  4. Holger Gräbner10-15-2013

    great shot with strong colors, I like it very much

  5. Keith Morgan10-15-2013

    absolutely gorgeous.  Great clouds, reflection and color!!

  6. Hamish Carpenter10-15-2013

    Love the vibrant colors – great Job +Rachael Alexandra

  7. Marc Jansen10-15-2013

    I just love what ICE can do!

  8. Martin Matejic10-15-2013

    That's an awesome pano madam, love those colors! Well done

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