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Majestic Broccoli


*Majestic Broccoli*

  1. Mike Rector08-30-2012

    There was broccoli in that cheese? 

  2. Rachael Alexandra08-28-2012

    +Chris Ridgway  It did end up melding with cheese in the final recipe, which was quite tasty !

  3. Chris Ridgway08-28-2012

    Needs cheese!

  4. Chris Mallory08-28-2012

    I'm not even a fan of brocolli but this shot make me want to munch on some hahahaha.

  5. Rob Brown08-28-2012

    Great shot, I love my Broc….. and it's never look better than this, well done :-)

  6. Rachael Alexandra08-28-2012

    Cruciferous veggies, can sure hold their own :P

  7. Chris Mallory08-28-2012

    and how majestic it is!

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