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Mobile Fractal


I do a lot of these on my Ipod.I have several fractal apps but this one was made with fractalPhoto. This is one of the simpler ones, you can add extra photo layers that rotate ( a little hard to explain) to make a more complex effect.

  1. Bryn Forbes05-31-2012

    I've long enjoyed fractals. Never thought to do them on my phone though! Thanks!

  2. Michael Taggart04-14-2012

    This is neat!! Like how sharp it is and the glow…

  3. John Getchel04-14-2012

    Benoit Mandelbrot is one of my heros. I love fractal geometry!!

  4. Kay Walker04-14-2012

    I've been hunting for a fractal app that will work OK on Windows 7. I used to have a very simple one but it doesn't work now.

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