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My loveliest friend of many years

  1. Chris Mallory09-06-2012

    +Christina Simpson Let's hope so! Just ask yourself what you want from the service and you should be able to get it with a little work. I've personally found G+ to be a great way to meet like-minded people (as opposed to facebook which is more geared towards keepin' up with the people you already know). In any case, hope you enjoy it here :)

  2. Christina Simpson09-06-2012

    +Chris Mallory I've tried but I always fail at keeping up. Maybe third times a cham? We'll see!

  3. Chris Mallory09-05-2012

    +Christina Simpson  You should use the ole google+ a little more :)

    Am I being motivating yet? :P

    But seriously, G+ is lotsa fun :)

  4. Chris Bagley09-05-2012

    ewww, sorry about the pervs :(

  5. Rachael Alexandra09-05-2012

    +Christina Simpson  Goodie hehehe

    +Chris Bagley  Yep , it is and thank you, she's pretty gorgeous so it makes it easy ^^ I do take pictures of a few people :) Most are of +Christina Simpson  , my daughter and boyfriend though. Even posting this picture of her makes me feel like I violated her privacy or something lol  So I don't generally post what I do have as far as portraits go, bad experiences with my daughters photo online with pervs.

  6. Christina Simpson09-05-2012

    +Chris Bagley haha! Well thank you. I tend to stay away from my food albums for that reason exactly :)

  7. Chris Bagley09-05-2012

    First off… added!
    Secondly… is this your photo of her +Rachael Alexandra because it's so beautifully done!
    Lastly… +Christina Simpson, your food album has now made me very hungry!!! haha

  8. Christina Simpson09-05-2012

    Aww making me blush beeotch <3

  9. Aidan Kalloo09-05-2012


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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno