My metal print finally came in!

It’s fabulous and very shiny ! lol This picture doesn’t do it justice at all, it’s one of those ” You have to see it in person” type things. I’m not hanging onto it long enough to photograph my photograph properly so this will have to do lol

I got this one through Zen > Ivoke. Took a while to get here but I fear I’ll have to price it too high for it to ever be bought lol It IS quite novel though :) Fancy shmancy and it looks glorious ! With the shitty day I’m having it was a nice surprise ^^

The digital file :)

  1. Rachael Alexandra09-03-2013

    +Ian Meredith  I do also have one of those and it's just as glorious :D I finally got that puppy up in the store too, after one failed attempt. It's there now though for all the lake hounds to see lol

  2. Ian Meredith09-02-2013

    Awesomeness. Worth also getting shots printed on Kodak 'Metallic' paper. It has a very special lustre but is still white ( not some kind of silver Christmas wrapping paper! ) It suits some images more than others but is just stunning.

  3. J. Rae Chip08-28-2013

    I've only used them for 2 metal prints +Darren Neupert but both were that way, which is why I switched to WHCC.

  4. Darren Neupert08-28-2013

    Image Wizards go a pretty good job with metal.  (  +J. Rae Chip Are you serious about that "sticker" bit with Bay Photo?  I have them selected as my primary lab for SmugMug prints.  To print on a label and slap that onto metal would be false advertising.

  5. J. Rae Chip08-28-2013

    I do NOT recommend BayPhoto for metal prints. Their metal prints are just the print on a sticker, and then stuck to the aluminum! lol
    I get mine done at white house custom colour :) But I'm glad you got yours done at a print house you can afford and like.

  6. Rachael Alexandra08-28-2013

    +J. Rae Chip  I got it from one of Zens partners, iVoke. I would have went with Bay Photo, but I just couldn't do it financially. This was a better deal and still looks very nice :)

    +Michael Rector  I can't wait for you to see it either lol

  7. Michael Rector08-28-2013

    Can't wait to see it!

  8. J. Rae Chip08-28-2013

    nice. I love metal prints. Which place did you have print it for you?

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