Sometimes other people enjoy the pictures I view harshly, so I’m posting it anyway :)

I love this little ornament. It’s whimsical and enchanting to me. I got it last summer at a yard sale with the explicit intention to photograph it ( and because it’s really pretty lol ). This is what I got, It hangs and with few places to hang things I chose to spot I had to work with and this is what I got. I may try again because this just wont do for me lol It’s missing something ( besides a better composition ) lol

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  1. +Rachael Alexandra 

    Composition/lighting/ etc ??? I'm with you ! It's perfect and beautiful to look at ! Thank you and I with hold my trash comments when I find one of your images I find unfit for Google + so I leave you with my smiles !!  lol lol lol!!

  2. lol +James Haney you know I assumed it was. The middle of it is very …bulbous though so it was very hard to get a tea light to sit in the middle, especially while it was lit. What else would one use in such a thing though? Change? lol I'll start throwing my change in there, such a pretty change holder :) Imagine CLUNK, falls from where its hung shatters Sadface :p

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