What wonders I witness. The Adirondack mountains around me, wise and lasting. The boreal forest green in it’s temperate splendor. The sodden bogs and rivers wild. The weather, the land, the sea and the sky.

The land in which I live is rich with natural beauty. To the south of me I have the great wilderness of the Adirondack mountains, a view of the (not often seen in this latitude Northern Lights to my north.) To the east I have historic Lake Champlain ( home of the legendary ) and the Green Mountains of Vermont. Landscapes and waterscapes gleaming with majesty.

I have witnessed the raging Saranac river foaming with the water of a hundred year flood partially incurred by hurricane Irene. As I child, I saw the forest bend and break to the fury of the Ice Storm of ’98. I stood capturing the smoke of the Canadian fires roll onto Lake Champlain. It’s also cold here for more of the year than not, so when spring and summer ( in particular ) arrive, I am out to appreciate the treasures the seasons change brings to me. This is a collection of those travels.