IMG 9190

Frozen lake


There are people with little shantys and tractors and stuff out there, so hopefully I was pretty safe . The bits that aren’t covered in the snow patches, VERY SLIPPERY. I don’t own the footwear for ice >.< Granted, it’s not the most exciting photo but, it is what it is.

  1. Rachael Alexandra03-08-2013

    It was +Christeos Pir  :) Cold too, it gets really breezy out there. This weekend should be nice for us. Hopefully your shoes will stay solid once July comes :P

    +Mike Rector  I'm ALIVE !

  2. Mike Rector03-07-2013

    Yay you made it out there and back safely. Sweet shot!

  3. Christeos Pir03-07-2013


    It's shortsleeve weather here today. Mind you, I'll be gloating out the other side of my face when it's July and hot enough to melt your shoes…

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