Sucess ! First try at a cinemagraph

Doing day 3 of the challenge ( Fall ) and this took me all night lol Hey the jaggie things in the thumbnail work for me now. Pretty neat :D Ahh now I can sleep ^^

Autumn Burns… – My Eye Delight
My first try at a cinemagraph! Took me a few hours but it aint too shabby for a first …

  1. Rachael Alexandra10-06-2014

    Thank you Stomy, I'm not going to make a habit of it though. Half of the monstrous time it took to finish that little thing was working through errors and waiting. Computer doesn't really appreciate it, lol It's getting on in age.

    +Ian Meredith  I thought it was kind purdy myself :D

    +Richard Martin  Thank you so much, very appreciated!

  2. Richard Martin10-05-2014

    Happy Birthday +Rachael Alexandra 

  3. Ian Meredith10-04-2014


  4. Stormy Henderson10-04-2014

    Good job! (c:

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