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So,the leaf says to the flower..


The flower replies,”I am doing what I can, existing beautifully in miniature.I do have to say though that this lawn is the pits.I feel so small compared to the dandelions and even that tall grass over there.These people things,need to take that grass shredder out more often.They don’t have that awful weed decapitator though,so perched up on this tree trunk is a sweet deal over all.”

The leaf say’s quietly, ” Then why so blue? You’re kinda purple by the way, purple is a happy color! A royal one, indeed! “

The flower responds,” I don’t know, I just feel like I’m out here in the open, with my petals splayed out and no one notices. I’ve put all this energy into growing and I’d be lucky if I could hold a honey bee on this scrawny stalk of mine, they don’t even try anymore. Sooner or later some of those people things will come by and yank me out of existence and I’ll just be another dried up weed in that pile over there.”

The leaf responds in concerned silence.

Suddenly the flowers demeanor changes ,” See ! Look ! I told you , a people thing has some other plant killing device in it’s hand,it’s going to crush me underfoot or pluck my petals or some other horrible thing! It’s heading right for us! This is no joking matter, We are pretty attached on here, you’re going out with the garbage with me”

The leaf gets nervous and on seeing the people thing crouch down lovingly before the pair with that big device in it’s hands, the leaf smiles inside and says to the flower.

” I can cannot cure your woes, I can only love you and listen and give you a reprieve from the rain above or grant you shade in the harsh afternoon sunlight and be your companion. I can’t magically turn you into a sunflower, though I wish I could. I can only be present, and here with you eternally. I think this people thing is going to grant us immorality. You see, when it clicks that button I think it captures our likeness.So really,you have a best friend,will always be a part of that human things memory and who knows, maybe she will show us to the world. When the seasons change, we will still be.Not as bad of a deal as you thought it was, huh?

The flower is beaming and replies, “That is completely enough for me.”

The leaf says, ” Now I’d fluff those petals of yours,because this is our big moment ! “

  1. Rachael Alexandra06-07-2012

    +Celeste Odono I'm delighted you feel that way , and thanks for reading too,I get a little long winded lol

    +Chris Mallory  Those people things and their weed killing supplies,pure evil right there ;)

    +Tawni Henlin  Thanks so much ! Might be my second time ever writing dialogue ,so I'm happy you found it to your liking :) 

    +Wes Lum  Thank you Wes,this is great ,I'm pretty overjoyed that it was even read let alone liked :D

    +Mike Rector hehe the weeds are safe !

    +Muaz Ibarhim  Thanks!

  2. Muaz Ibarhim06-05-2012

    great shot :)

  3. Mike Rector06-05-2012

    +Chris Mallory I felt the same way when I read it. I thought they had a weed whacker or some weed killer. 
    Great story +Rachael Alexandra 

  4. Wes Lum06-05-2012

    Loved the story and the picture!

  5. Tawni Henlin06-05-2012

    I absolutely love your little story! And the image is wonderful as well. :)

  6. Chris Mallory06-05-2012

    Love this story. And photo. Maybe one of my favorite posts of yours. <spoilers> And I'm glad there was a happy ending. I was worried for a moment when the people thing was approaching! </spoilers>

  7. Celeste Odono06-05-2012

    What a wonderful post, Rachael. The flower is beautifully captured and the story is well worth the read. :)

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