A bit of Halloween Spirit

As the sun is setting, A chill is in the air. The goblins and ghouls are coming, It would be wise to prepare. Face paint and gauze, Blood,guts and gore, Witches and fairies, Which do you have in store? Frightening scenes await you, Too hair raising to believe. So gather your costumes, It’s All Hallows’ […]

Fractured Songs and Clipped Wings

Infinite sadness overwhelms. A flight of sorrow, a longing ache in The pit of your heart. Mind numbing grief and shock The feeling dimension of being misplaced Everything is so very wrong. Lost, you’re just so lost without them . Your old life only to be remembered Wistfully, through tears and sobs. Like piercing and […]

Luxurious Sunset 

I don’t usually do panoramic pictures but I put this one together for the hell of it. I used Microsoft ICE and crossed my fingers lol. I could have edited it further and maybe I will at some point but for now, here she be :)