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I cry out in my sorrow. For my love is my sorrow and my sorrow, is my love .
I dance in this bittersweet. I swim through the locks so jagged and cold. Frozen cracks and dips and sharp buoyant daggers. The chilled flow caresses me like a heartless lover, with hands made of needles and blades. Stroking me softly with gentle brutality. Coldly gaining entrance to my hollow, an invisible hand you cannot push away. Swimming in the frozen locks, just trying to catch my breath. It stings in my chest and I start to sink and falter. Drowning slowly. This aqueous force over my mouth, forcing its way down my throat. Like a cold cruel lover, taking what they need and then throwing you away.

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  1. Ronak Patel06-11-2013

    Hope you don't mind it +Rachael Alexandra  but these wonderful words of yours called out to me to add few more of my own to add to the story… so I reshared it at +Phoetry  :-)

  2. Rachael Alexandra06-11-2013

    +Ronak Patel  Thank you :) I noticed you like to enmesh the writing with the picture as well, so I appreciate what you're doing with your work and theme too.

  3. Ronak Patel06-11-2013

    What a wonderful  phoetry to go with wonderful pic!

  4. Steve Passlow06-03-2013


  5. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    lol +John De Bord Thanks :)

    Thank you too +Alex Lapidus  I knew you'd get it :)

  6. Alex Lapidus06-03-2013

    Wow, powerful words, gorgeous image.

  7. Biplab Gupta06-03-2013

    ola John meu know mine and Art matter I know nothing …………………………………he he he

  8. John De Bord06-03-2013

    Looks like u caught the moron of the day! Garbage pot? English much? Anyways, this is beautiful…I could say more but I can't find words

  9. Biplab Gupta06-03-2013

    are We Garbeg Pot?lol

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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno