Your words linger a little too long

I am dreaming up all sorts of wild things. Feeling the burning deep inside. It’s hard to please me, but I’m willing to let you try. This could be trouble, flying high and free. I am wanting for you so desperately. Show me how it is and take me there. I’m asking you now, to […]

A bit of Halloween Spirit

As the sun is setting, A chill is in the air. The goblins and ghouls are coming, It would be wise to prepare. Face paint and gauze, Blood,guts and gore, Witches and fairies, Which do you have in store? Frightening scenes await you, Too hair raising to believe. So gather your costumes, It’s All Hallows’ […]

Soft &; Spoken

Sensual warmth, earthen spirit. Cool and aloof, lining of silver. A nest of red, comforting softness. Calm and gentle, quiet grace. #selfportriat   #soulexposed View this post on Google+


I cry out in my sorrow. For my love is my sorrow and my sorrow, is my love . I dance in this bittersweet. I swim through the locks so jagged and cold. Frozen cracks and dips and sharp buoyant daggers. The chilled flow caresses me like a heartless lover, with hands made of needles […]

Peaceful Passion

The longest wavelength of light, so crisp and so bright. Like an apple to savor, yet not of that flavor. To a heart like mine, it tastes like valentines :) #selfportriat   #red   #bird   #feather     #soulexposed View this post on Google+

Soft, like falling through a cloud

Falling into something soft and sweet and good. Covered in fairy dust, sparkles and all things crystalline. All that shimmers within my heart, and glitters within my soul. Time moves so quickly, yet everything feels like slow motion. I have seen such beauty, I have visited that place. If only for one day. If only […]

My heart is a flower formed in sadness

From the day of my birth, through the turbulent days of adolescence, to the trials of being a young adult — to the life of an adult woman — I have grown and been mowed down countless times. Only to spring back to life. Downed countless times, though never to be discounted, because my will is fierce and […]

Sweet Tears

Little orbs of emotion cling gently to your face. One is for sadness, one is for joy, three are for love, because love comes in more than one form. Another is for grief and one more for loneliness.These are the things I feel, these forms are expressions of who I am. Things from within turned inside […]