IMG 9281lowq

Soft &; Spoken

Sensual warmth, earthen spirit.
Cool and aloof, lining of silver.
A nest of red, comforting softness.
Calm and gentle, quiet grace.

#selfportriat   #soulexposed

  1. Geoffrey Dunn06-13-2013

    You seem to have birds in your hair :-)

  2. James Haney06-03-2013

    No Prob, +Rachael Alexandra ! Luv the accents!

  3. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    Thank you +Swaroop Subbanna  I do what I can with what I have, I'm glad it turned out nicely myself :)

    Thank you so much +James Haney  :D

  4. James Haney06-03-2013

    Lovely image!

  5. Swaroop Subbanna06-03-2013

    Lovely self portrait! Beautiful!

  6. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    That's sweet Kim, as are you ( both gorgeous & sweet ) :) Too bad it doesn't get dinner fixed or the house cleaned though lol

    Thank you +Evan Swanepoel  :) 

    +J. Rae Chip  I'm glad you like it, I'd never taken a comb to my hair in that way but I wanted each hairstyle to be different so I had to come up with something :p I liked it too, now I just have to grow it all back out to do the same thing. It was quite the thing to untangle it, that part I won't miss :)

  7. J. Rae Chip06-03-2013

    Beautiful :) I love what you did with your hair, and I like the little peekaboo in the lower right :)

  8. Evan Swanepoel06-03-2013

    Beautiful photo :) :) :)

  9. kimberton pemberly06-03-2013

    i forgot to tell you how gorgeous you are, but if you have a mirror… you already know this.  :)

  10. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    Why of course +kimberton pemberly  ! They are very friendly, let you pick 'em up and stick them in your hair, quite docile lol — the birdlady ;)

  11. kimberton pemberly06-03-2013

    can i pet your birds? 
    : )

  12. Rachael Alexandra06-03-2013

    Thank you much ladies ♥

  13. Karin Nelson06-03-2013


  14. Isabelle Fortin06-03-2013

    so gorgeous !

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"Midway in the journey of our life • I came to myself in a dark wood • for the straight way was lost" - Dante's Inferno