Soft &; Spoken

Sensual warmth, earthen spirit.
Cool and aloof, lining of silver.
A nest of red, comforting softness.
Calm and gentle, quiet grace.

#selfportriat   #soulexposed

14 thoughts on “Soft &; Spoken

  1. That's sweet Kim, as are you ( both gorgeous & sweet ) :) Too bad it doesn't get dinner fixed or the house cleaned though lol

    Thank you +Evan Swanepoel  :) 

    +J. Rae Chip  I'm glad you like it, I'd never taken a comb to my hair in that way but I wanted each hairstyle to be different so I had to come up with something :p I liked it too, now I just have to grow it all back out to do the same thing. It was quite the thing to untangle it, that part I won't miss :)

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