Picture Posting

It’s either that or nothing because my time is very limited. I’m making an effort but I make no promises.

Impromptu wide-angle picture of my morning glories.

Here’s another impromptu wide-angle picture of my morning glories. I played around with this one a bit. I didn’t weed beforehand so editing it this way brought out the flowers a little more. I thought it was so neat how they bloomed in a row like that :) I take a lot of pictures just to […]

A pretty morning glory, this morning

I’m thrilled even a couple of them bloomed considering the crappy garden weather. I couldn’t locate my macro lens so I used my wide angle with an extension tube lol View this post on Google+

Midnight Has Bled

Midnight has bled, on your kisses so red. These petals so light, are transformed by the night.