Clayman Mulchead + Garden Story

tl;dr — Enjoy the pictures ! For a few years now I have really wanted my own garden. I rent though so I can’t go destroying patches of the yard. Even if I could, the soil I have is as clay as it gets. In fact, one of the pictures in the album I’ve posted […]

Pansy in a bucket

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Little bee on a thistle

An eensy weensy little bee on a thistle– pretty and cute too :) He was happy as a clam too !

Something dirty has you dear 

Makes me want to be with you Something painful’s with you dear Makes me want to be with you” #lyrics & #eyedelightbyrachaelalexandra

Just One Sunbeam

Sweet fragility, not to be plucked from the earth and not to be trampled under foot. Pristine and pure, shrouded in the shadow of the forest. As just one sunbeam makes it’s way through the canopy of leaves, your thirst is quenched.

My heart is a flower formed in sadness

From the day of my birth, through the turbulent days of adolescence, to the trials of being a young adult — to the life of an adult woman — I have grown and been mowed down countless times. Only to spring back to life. Downed countless times, though never to be discounted, because my will is fierce and […]